Long Island Pulse: Joey Wölffer Talks Fashion and Wine

Wölffer. The name conjures images of the quintessential Long Island summer experience. Between the family’s winery, restaurants and their world-famous Summer in a Bottle rosé, it’s nearly impossible to experience the season without dipping your toes into the Wölffer pool.

It is all a credit to Christian Wölffer, who was a man before his time. The late winemaker saw where the industry was going: sustainability becoming the standard, embracing an ethical approach that honors the land of a still-young wine region. It’s a mindful and necessary movement that at its roots is simply about making good wine in the best way. This type of creativity and innovation was the inspiration for Christian when he opened his namesake Sagaponack vineyard 30 years ago. Now at the helm are his daughter Joey and son Marc.

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